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PB Beverages - Canada's Premium Liquor Distributor
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Raoul Raoul is a fabuous french vodka
Our Wines Our wine philosophy is simple, we like delicious and unique wines from small producers.
We believe smaller producers know their property and their grapes more intimately than larger producers and this allows them to take greater care of their grapes, their wines and the environment in which they are produced. In our experience, it is this care that imparts their wines with a true sense of place. The more clean and chemical-free the vineyard, the more the grapes express their characteristic flavors and the essence of the land they grow in.
Absinthe from around the world We offer a vast selection for you to buy from around the world and a variety of accessories to complete your experience.
Tequilas from around the world Our complete Tequila portfolio includes from artisanal 100% supreme pure agave to the mixed Tequilas, giving you a complete selection of Tequilas.
Our Gins will make your martinis go yum Gin is a hard alcohol flavored with the seeds of the juniper bush. Gin is very smooth, with a strong juniper flavor exciting the senses. The ultra-premium gin is made in small batches and produced exclusively from whole fruits, giving it a balance of taste that makes it ideal for gourmet martinis. View our selection of Gins from our the world, they'll be sure to make your martinis go yum.....
Rye Whiskey Whiskey is a drink made by distilling grains and aging the resulting alcohol in oak casks. Whiskey, like many grain alcohols, may be made using an assortment of different grains. Common whiskey grains are rye, barley, corn, and wheat. Whiskey is sometimes referred to as the “juice of the barley”, an allusion to the grain used in creating that type of whiskey.
Your favourite beers Our beer menu is constantly changing because we take enormous pride in our selection ensuring freshness and a wide variety. But we change up a good thing, we consistently supply our clients with their favourite beers.  
Rums Rum is a favorite for many, you can blend and mingle it with many different things in order to come up with some great hot and cold drinks.
Vodkas Vodka is one of the most popular spirits in the world has a distinctive strength of character and a fullness of flavor, visit our selection of Vodkas.


"Serving you, taught us"

20 Years of experience in the business allows us to understand your needs!


"Striving for Variety"

We go leaps and bounds around the globe to bring the best to your shelves.


"Value of our client's money"

We offer the best price, so you can offer the best price to your customer.

Win free drinks

PB Beverages Sponsors PrairieFest
We support this annual music festival to promote local artists, be sure to check out our PB Beverages Booth to taste our beverages.
Rock n' August
Look for us this August
Look for the PB Beverages booth at still August Car Show and music festival .
The Ranch Roadhouse
Ridin Dirty Beer at The Ranch Roadhouse
Be in attendance as contestants dazzle you with a bull riding display, a roping skills contest and of course a best western gear strutter.



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PB Beverages, Canadian Liquor Distributor PB Beverages is an Alberta based company that is proud to distribute beer that is 100% Canadian owned, Canadian produced and enjoyed by beer lovers. PB Beverages has also partnered with international brands to bring you a selection of Wines, Gins, Rums, Vodkas, Absinthe, Tequila, Rye and more.
Contact Information 780-604-6548
Location Suite 122, 17008-90th Ave
Edmonton, AB. T5T 1L6
Staff Details GM: Paul Charabin
Business Cards Edmonton