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Your favourite beers

Your favourite beers


Our beer menu is constantly changing because we take enormous pride in our selection ensuring freshness and a wide variety. But we change up a good thing, we consistently supply our clients with their favourite beers.


Ridin Dirty Beer - Canada's #1 Discount Beer

Ridin’ Dirty isn’t for the weak of heart. With 6.2% alcohol content, this Canadian style lager delivers a strong punch.
Available in both 2L bottles and 473 ml. supercans.

Fort Garry Variety Pack

Fort Garry Variety Pack contains 3 bottles of Fort Garry Dark, 3 bottles of Fort Garry Pale Ale as well as 3 Two Rivers Lager and 3 Two Rivers Red. At the moment this is the only way to buy the latter two brands so if you like them please let us know.

Two Rivers Lager

is a mainstream Canadian style Lager, medium in flavour and body that is crisp and finishes clean, with very little after taste 5% alc./vol.

Two Rivers Red

is a Canadian style Lager reddish in colour, medium in body with a smooth caramel sweet finish and no after taste. 5% alc./vol

Fort Garry Dark Ale

Fort Garry Dark Ale is a refreshing, light-bodied, British style dark ale with complex malt tones and an herbal hop finish. It is brewed with 100% Canadian & imported British specialty malt barleys. Don’t let the dark scare you though, this beer has a surprising light taste and a chocolate finish!

Fort Garry Pale Ale

Fort Garry Pale Ale is a refreshing, British style pale ale with a well balanced clean hop finish. It is brewed with 100% Canadian & imported British specialty malt barleys.

Available in 6 pack bottles, kegs, and the Fort Garry Variety Pack.


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